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Stone Construction @ Erindale
Kulpara - York Peninsula - Limestone Construction
Reclaimed Stone
Reclaimed Stone
Reclaimed Stone # Demolition
Reclaimed Stone
Salt Damp Restoration @ Henley Beach

Adelaide Reclaimed Stone - Stonemasonry

Authentic Stone are constantly sourcing and buying old stone and bricks. We carefully hand pick and remove all our stone and brick in the demolition process to ensure we maintain the quality of the materials.

We stock a variety of old plinth bricks, glazed bricks, headers and capping bricks, and a large range of different sized sand stock bricks from 62mm - 75mm and others.

We have a variety of sandstone including hen pecked, pudding face, rock face and basket range flat stone.

We offer a reliable and accurate stone and brick cutting service. Our experienced masons are able to cut, saw, shape or face any stone to match or suit any project,

Get it done once and get it done right the first time.

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Reclaimed Stone

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