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Brick Undersetting @ Mile End
Brick Undersetting @ Mile End
Undersetting & Injection @ Millswood

Rising Salt Damp Restoration - Brick Undersetting

Authentic Stone specializes in rising damp / salt damp restoration and structural repairs. We have a large amount of recycled material to select from and can cut out and replace any stone or brick with matching masonry.

Authentic Stone can repair salt damp affected walls properly by undersetting, giving you long term and guaranteed peace of mind. The way to do this is to remove and discard all salt damp affected stone or brick.

A plastic viscourse membrane or (DPC Damp Proof Course) then needs to be inserted and the wall rebuilt with new or second-hand (reclaimed) material. This is done safely in several stages.

Every situation is different; there are other measures that need to take place as prevention. There may be drainage issues or paints and sealers holding in moisture.

Cavity walls can often be full of debris which stops adequate ventilation. Sacrificial mortars or plasters may be needed to draw out salts and moisture; these can be left sometimes for years and will ensure the longevity of the wall.

Authentic Stone can even rebuild an entire wall reusing the original materials; we could also just rebuild the corner of you house or just replace one brick. We specialize in doing the work others don’t want to touch.

Get it done once and get it done right the first time.

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