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Stone Repointing @ Parkside
Brick Repointing @ Toorak Gardens
Stone Repointing @ TUNGKILLO
Kensington Gardens Solid Stone and Brick Construction
Stone Repointing & Paint Stripping  @ Joslin
Kulpara - York Peninsula - Limestone
Hindmarsh - Brewery - Restoration
Stone Repointing @ North Adelaide

Stone Repointing - Fine Line Repointing

Authentic Stone specialises in fine line repointing and heritage stone restoration. We are able to replicate and restore any style or colour. We can fully repoint or patch entire homes and buildings in any style required. Including fine line repointing, tuck repointing, ribbon repointing as well as all brick repointing including cut and struck and fine line brick pointing etc.

If you think your brick or quoin work is too far-gone or not restorable, don't render or paint it, give us a call for a free consultation.

Lime putty is the key ingredient to quality and durable stone or brick repointing. Lime actually helps draw moisture from the wall and lets it breathe, unlike hard cement mortar which can trap in moisture.

Get it done once and get it done right the first time.

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Stone & Brick Repointing

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