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Stone Cladding @ Cowell
Kulpara - York Peninsula - Limestone
Stone Cladding @ Willunga
Stone Cladding @ Willunga
Kulpara - York Peninsula - Limestone

Stone Veneers and Cladding Stonemasonry

Stone Veneers / Construction

Authentic Stone are able to cut down recycled stone to any desired thickness, shape, length or height. If you have ever seen recycled stone, you will know it comes in large pieces. To be able to use this stone in a new modern house as a stone / brick veneer, it needs to be cut down to a thickness of around 110mm. We can quickly and professionly cut stone to size onsite.

Stone Cladding

Authentic Stone are able to cut reclaimed stone into a 25mm to 30mm tile. This is a cladding that is directly stuck onto brick or blue board and is known as stone veneering.

We can often get four or five veneers of stone out of one piece of stone. We are able to shape and dress the stone to match any original stone home. Using reclaimed / recycled stone to do this retains the original look and is more appealing than imported stone.

Some stones and styles we make are:

  • Hen pecked
  • Pudding face
  • Rock face
  • Flat

New Stone Cladding / Veneers

Authentic Stone are able to source many types and styles of stone from all over Australia and overseas. Generaly for new builds and not restoration.

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Stone Veneers & Cladding

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