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Erindale - Before Steam Cleaning
Erindale - After Steam Cleaning
Manningham - Before Steam Cleaning
Stone - After Steam Cleaning & Repointing
Rock Face Stone - After Steam Cleaning & Repointing
Stone - After Steam Cleaning, paint stripping  & Repointing

Steam Cleaning

Authentic Stone are experts at steam cleaning anything. We have several units and can offer high and low pressure cleaning. We do not use contractors to do this. We have developed many techniques over the last ten years to ensure we protect and preserve all types of masonry leaving it clean and new in appearance.

Authentic Stone offers two types of blasting;

Gentle low pressure blasting using fine sands saturated in water, keeping this to a contained area of about a 50 cent piece. This ensures no dust or damage to surrounding areas.

Onsite eco friendly blasting Our blasting machine can remove almost any substance off any surface and because it uses water it keeps dust and site disturbance to a minimum. We do not use chemicals or toxic abrasives.

For Paint Removal contact us

For all eco friendly blasting contact Adam at Blast Evolution.

Get it done once and get it done right the first time.

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